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A Special Time for Reminiscence of My Trading Journey

– 每逢佳节倍思亲 or The Festival Occasion is Often Time We Miss Our Relatives Far Away. (It was a guest post on Brian Lund’s blog site found here , and I just modified it for today’s special occasion as it is … Continue reading

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Expect More Pullback on AAPL with GOOG Potential Retreat

– Happy Moon Festival! Last Friday we had a typical window dressing day in U.S. market with gyration-like movement played by program trading as we saw huge spike up and down in SPY. SPY intraday chart had a similar cup … Continue reading

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How to Play GOOG Intraday 20 pts swing of a C & H Pattern

“I have two basic rules about winning in trading as well as in life: 1. If you don’t bet, you can’t win. 2. If you lose all your chips, you can’t bet.” – Larry Hite Today market had decent sell … Continue reading

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Market Huge Reversal on Heavy Volume with GOOG and AAPL Selling

      “The hard trade is the right trade. Do the trade that is hard to do and that which the crowd finds objectionable. Be willing to change sides when market tells you.” Going through days of churning and whipsawing action … Continue reading

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AAPL Closed at Day Low on Higher Volume Along with Broad Market for OPEX

“The market is a battlefield. Make Sure you are on the winning side. You must trade with the actions of the market and not simply by how you might think the market should trade.” – Gerald Loeb  The U.S. market … Continue reading

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A Volatile Trading Session for Option Expiration Week After Quiet Days

S&P1,460.26-0.79-0.05% Nasdaq3,175.96-6.66-0.21% Dow13,596.93+18.97+0.14% Oil91.9499970.08+0.09%  10-Year Bond1.777-0.005-0.28% EUR/USD1.2965-0.0002-0.01% The first two days of the week were Rosh Hashanah Holiday or Jewish New Year, we had unusual quiet and boring trading days for the option expiration week. But today we finally had … Continue reading

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Market Euphoric Rally Cooled down and My Trades Friday

S&P1,465.77+5.78+0.40% Nasdaq3,183.95+28.12+0.89% Dow13,593.37+53.51+0.40% Oil99.000.69+0.70% 10-Year Bond1.87+0.11+6.49% EUR/USD1.3128+0.0141+1.09% Last Friday, U.S. market resumed fast upside move in the first trading hour from Thursday’s powerful rally on Fed stimulus announcement, but by 10:20 am EST., it reversed down and closed near its … Continue reading

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Another Powerful Rally into Multi-Year HIghs on Fed’s Stimulus Move!

S&P  1,459.99+23.43+1.63%  Nasdaq  3,155.83+41.51+1.33% Dow  13,539.86+206.51+1.55% Oil  98.8499980.54+0.55%  10-Year Bond 1.756-0.009-0.51% What a big day! Today market had a huge rally helped by Fed’s stimulus plan announcement. The Dow and the S&P 500 both closed at their highest levels since … Continue reading

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How to Trade AAPL Intraday Before iPhone 5 and Fed!

As I mentioned in my previous post, some leaders looked toppy and started retreating while the broad market is still holding up with rotation going on. Sell offs were seen in MLNX, AAPL, GOOG, EQIX, FRAN,  etc. Since the market … Continue reading

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Market up Despite Disappointing Friday Job Report, But What’s Next?

S&P1,437.92+5.80+0.40% Nasdaq3,136.42+0.61+0.02% Dow13,306.64+14.64+0.11% EUR/USD1.279-0.0027-0.21% Gold1,737.5034.90+2.05% Hello! Despite the disappointing job report last Friday, the major U.S. indexes extended small gain after big high-volume rally from Thursday session although NASDAQ only eked out with little gain of 0.61 point. Three horsemen … Continue reading

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